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What is Sony Concept ?

"The easiest way to "get" or comprehend what Concept is is to view it in light of the stock Xperia software. 


If you think of stock Xperia as being customised and built up over the years with all the Sony features and functionality. Many of these features are baked deep into the system and when Android is updated it takes a lot of work (and time) to make these work again. But also with that high level of operating system customisation comes increased scrutiny from the Android approval process this also takes time. 


Concept has not removed anything, rather it's a clean slate sort of starts this journey again in parallel with stock Xperia. By doing this Sony are able to revisit and check which features are really crucial to users and if the current stock Xperia implementation is right and seeks to find new better ways of doing this.

So no apps or features have been removed, they just have not been added. It may be that the only way to add them is the intensive method currently in stock, in which case it may not come to Concept. 

Of course there's much more going on - for example Concept may also be a more suitable platform to test new functionality as there is not as much custom Sony integration to interfere with its development. 

It's vanila android with some experimental splashes of Sony spice... all bundled in Sony's rather beautiful hardware."

Nathan Horner, December 2016.

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